Turnkey Hosting Solutions

Rig-Container-ASIC Hosting Made Easy!

Turnkey Setup

We will install and configure your miner in our dedicated hosting facility.

VPN Monitoring

Securely monitor and manage your miner from anywhere.

Your Earnings

We will assist you in configuring your rig, ASIC, or container so you can receive your earnings.

Bundled Hosting

We bundle Internet, electricity and maintenance in your hosting costs.

24/7 Support

We are available any day at any time to answer questions and make sure your miner is up and running.

Secure Containerized Water Cooled Access.

Our facility is secured with a fence, alarm, and video cameras inside and outside containers.

Contact us

Phone: (318) 219-5686


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Frequently Asked Questions

12 months is the minimum contract length. We offer contracts up to three years.

No. A 2-month deposit and a refundable one month security deposit is required prior to deployment.

You can renew the contract no more than 90-days before the end of the current contract.

Yes, you can bring your own miners. The miner/s will be inspected for viruses, functionality and power consumption before we take custody.

We will perform diagnosis and repair work by one of our engineers if required.

The turnkey cost includes the cost of the miner plus part of the cost of hosting and everything that is required for the miner/s to be operational and maintained. There are ad-hoc charges for repairs and other services.

The easy answer is yes, but we need to make sure there is room and capacity available. Give us a call so we can discuss the expansion of your mining operation.

We accept USD wired or ACH to our account. You can automate ACH transactions through our site.

Brokers wanting to bring their clients to our site are more than welcome to discuss brokering with the Rig Colocation sales team.

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